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Discover how the website can help to sell your courses to a large audience, online.

The NTC is dedicated to the Hospitality, Licensed Multiple Retail Industries and Allied Trades across the United Kingdom.

Why should you use The Nationwide Training Company as part of your advertising on the web?

The ethos that drives the Nationwide Training Company is that all potential candidates should have access to a source of information to assist in their personal and professional development.

It is focussed

We currently focus solely on courses and providers of training within the Hospitality and Licensed Trade Industries. The NTC has years of experience within the industry, and have brought this experience to bear on assisting those within the industry to access the courses and information that will assist them in their careers. We aim to be the premier source of training and related information in this area and market ourselves aggressively as The One-Stop-Shop for information regarding all aspects of the Hospitality, Licensed Multiple Retail Industries and Allied Trades' training.

It is affordable

We have a simple pricing policy, which enables you to keep control of your budget. It is easy to add, exchange or remove courses from the site as required. Unlike most other sites, we do not charge for click-throughs, enquiries or other optional extras such as your organisation's logos and straight-to-top search results. We have no hidden extras. The NTC website is very cost effective against other forms of advertising, including more traditional newspaper and magazine adverts and also other online sources. Importantly, you will be able to list all your training locations and Satellite Sites as part of the normal monthly cost.

Don't have your own website? The NTC is all the website you should need with a minimum of cost, hassle and time!

There is a 3-month subscription free trial period

We are so confident in the results you will receive that we believe you will choose to continue to advertise with us, therefore we offer you a subscription free trial of 3 months, free of monthly cost and commitment. If you decide that the NTC website is not working for your organisation after this period, then you are not committed to continue advertising with us.

It is innovative

We believe our site is one of the few on the web that offers all the information a candidate might require in the one place. The NTC Website is polished, professional and can contain all the information regarding your organisation and courses you want to display, plus other useful information and links. Our system ensures that enquiries come directly to you, either via our enquiry forms or through links to your own website and contact details. You stay in control!

The more information you can provide us with, the more information we can pass on to potential candidates.

It is Flexible

The website is fully updated on a regular basis, with no dead links, expired course dates or out-of-date information. Additions and amendments to your course(s) or organisation data are actioned swiftly, ensuring your audience always has up-to-date information, helping to create a professional image. Unlike more traditional ways of advertising, such as Yellow Pages, your message can change as often as you want! There are no additional costs to advertise in different regions on NTC - the website is Nationwide!

It Works!    

The Website is a relatively new endeavour, however its success is already evident, with even the smallest companies picking up bookings and vital, reliable leads. It is the courses which are advertised rather than the site itself, this helps to ensure that visitors to the site are looking for the kind of training you offer.

It is consistently at the top of Google searches across a variety of important Keywords, the NTC also features (amongst others) on Scoot, Vodafone 118 888, Ask Jeeves, Tiscali, NTL, and searches. We aim to get you the largest online audience possible.

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For a printable version of the brochure, please click here  For a printable version of the brochure, please click here

For a printable version of the application form, please click here  For a printable version of the application form, please click here



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